Conceptual Design
     Aberdeen to provide the best technological solution to a client’s specific needs at optimized cost, Aberdeen’s involvement in a project begins at the conceptual design phase.Feasibility and conceptual studies are provided according to the client’s needs in order to deliver the best technical solutions before the project enters the engineering phase. For the conceptual and feasibility studies, Aberdeen uses various software and modeling tools available in the market.

Between the conceptual and feasibility studies Aberdeen offers

3D/2D Modeling Development ;
  • State Steady Modelling.
  • Finite Element Modelling.
  • Energy Analysis.
  • Flow Assurance Studies.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic 
    • Front End Engineering Design.
    • Master Planning and Feasibility Studies.
    • Basic Standard Engineering Design.


Detail Engineering

       After the conception design phase and feasibility studies a project enters the engineer phase during which engineering, studies which may include, according to the type of project :

  • Materials Handling Equipment, Pressure vessels, Electrical & Instrumentation (Automation System, PLC & SCADA), Electrical facilities, Piping, Pipeline, Civil works and Structural Steel works.
  • All these types of engineering studies are covered and fully managed within Aberdeen. According to the nature of a project, engineering studies will includes all or part of the following steps:
  • Details Engineering Design.
  • Spec Engineering Design.
  • Detail Engineering and Drawings.

Project Management Service
  • The diverse technical backgrounds of the Aberdeen project personnel, combined with specialist Aberdeen knowledge in the fields of contract administration, risk management, opportunity assessment, cost estimating, cost control, planning, scheduling, interface management, procurement and logistics, gives Aberdeen the ability to set the highest goals in Project Management with a corresponding expectation of success.
  • Depending upon the requirements of any given project, dedicated Aberdeen teams can manage projects in their entirety or selected Aberdeen personnel can be integrated into a client’s existing project management team. In any case the project team will be supported by Aberdeen’s Project  Management System and Procedures. These cover all aspects of a project from management tools such as “Tendering, Contracts and Risk Management”, “HSE”, “Design Management” and “Subcontractors, Suppliers and Consultants” to detailed system procedures.
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